Digital Mystikz – A Dynamic Duo

There has been an audible push of late by the biggest names in dubstep to be heard not only in the UK, but all around the world. And with major releases like Grime 2 on Rephlex, it seems people are listening. I had the chance to question the boys of Digital Mystikz about their sound and where the music is taking them and was (pleasently) surprised by some of their responses…

Kodama: There’s some confusion about the members of Digital Mystikz. Who makes up Digital Mystikz and who is behind DMZ? 

Digital Mystikz: Digital Mystikz is Coki and Mala. DMZ is the name of our record label and club night which we set up with good friend and producer known to you as Loefah. 

K: The Digital Mystikz production is quite dark and dub ridden, what are each of you influenced by?

DM: Musically we are influenced by so many artists, producers, song writers, musicians, DJ’s etc. To name a few off the top of the head…. Augustus Pablo, John Holt, Marley, Tubby, Sizzla, Jah Cure, Beres Hammond, Sly and Robbie, Garnet Silk, Misty In Roots. Roots Manuva, Nitin Sawhney, Dillenga, Grooverider. Look the list is endless this isn’t even a small percentage.

K: Dubplate culture appears to be a big part of the UK garage scene. Listening to radio shows like J Da Flex’s on 1xtra, you obviously have a lot of unreleased material floating around. Does the culture help or hinder you as artists?

DM: Dubplate culture has helped us without a doubt. It has given us a personal reference to how our music and production sounds outside of our studio’s. So getting to hear our music on big sound systems, pirate radio airwaves has helped us to progress in our production, and on making decision for our label. It also the way a music listener at home, in the clubs as well as other record labels has been able to hear our sound. It’s having a lot music on dubplate which has lead to us getting music signed.

K: What are you working on right now? Is there a direction you see your sound heading in?

DM: We are constantly working on beats, and to be honest with you we create all different styles music. Up tempo, down tempo, vocal, it comes naturally to experiment and explore sound.

Mala: I have just finished working on a short story project, which is currently being animated. It’s about 30 minutes long and all the music is by Digital Mystikz, I have designed the soundscape too. I guess you could say it’s like a radio Drama! It’s been a real interesting project to work on, the director and the cast were great, and the whole process has been so much fun. I can’t wait to see the whole piece finished.

K: In Australia, we’re quite disconnected from the UK scene. Do you think the music you write is influenced by the scene and the culture there, or is it something more personal?

DM: We wouldn’t say the scene does, but culture does influence our music because sound is something we hear all the time. For example if your were to walk through Brixton (South London) you hear all different types of languages being spoken, you hear different styles of music being played in shops and you also have the environmental sounds. Any of these things may inspire you in some way. It’s also extremely personal because our sound is created by our own likes and dislikes, experience’s, emotions, and imagination.

K: How do you feel about the term “Grime” as a successor to the garage genre and the release of Grime 2 with a few of your own tracks?

DM: We are not too fussed about the term Grime because at the end of the day the industry needs a name to be able to sell the music, and people call it what they want anyway. The release of Grime 2 was a massive achievement for us. Rephlex are a heavy label who gave us creative freedom, support and huge exposure.

K: In 5 words, where would you like Digital Mystikz to be in 5 years?

DM: Where ever God wants us.

K: Where’s the strangest place you’ve heard of your tracks being played?

DM: We were chatting with Kode 9 recently and he said he heard our beats getting played in a yellow submarine under water? You’ll have to ask Mr. 9 about that.

K: Current Top 5

DM: There’s too much goodness out there to put into a chart.

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