Zerodub – The New Dub

Sometimes real talent hides in the shadows, away from the harsh light of Sydney’s clubland. Quietly watching and waiting, all the time growing into something truly powerful and ready to take on all other contenders. This is Zerodub and whilst you may not have heard his name before, take note, he’s ready to tear the scene apart. After his set which was the real standout at Outbreak this month, I decided to have a chat with the up coming talent.

Kodama: Tell us a bit about yourself. What does your job and your taste in music say about you?

Zerodub: I love all forms of electronic music from d&b to downtempo to everything in between. Garage is my first love though. I don’t know what that says exactly about me. But I know that I have to hear something new everyday.. or the twitching starts..

K: How did you discover the garage styles?

Z: I first heard of it from coming across a couple of Artful Dodger sound clips. It was around the time when those guys and MJ Cole were at their peak. Tunes like ‘Sincere’ were all fresh to me and the 2step sound had me hooked in a big way. It was the reason why I started buying records in the first place. 

K: Which producers find their way onto your turntable most?

Z: Anything by Horsepower Productions is buy on sight. Oris Jay is a big influence, so is Menta/Artwork and lately I’ve been feelin the likes of Slaughter Mob, Loefah and Search & Destroy. Label wise I would have to say Tempa, Texture, Big Apple, Hot Flush & Soulja are running things.

K: Locally, which DJs inspire you?

Z: The Garage Pressure boys have pretty much carried the profile of Garage and Underground beats in Sydney on their own, they get a lot of respect for that. Basically I’m inspired by those pushing non standard beats, those that are providing an alternative from the masses.

K: Give us a rundown of the events you have appeared at.

Z: Last year I played at a couple of Darksyde events when it was held at Uber. The DNBBQ party earlier this year was good fun and so was Outbreak! Gigs have been few & far between though. 

K: What was the thinking behind your name change from Dubstep to Zerodub?

Z: When I found out that ‘dubstep’ was a recognised genre I just decided to change it to avoid confusion. I hope no ones taken this one! Maybe I should copyright it.. 

K: Where do you think garage is headed in Australia?

Z: Garage is still relatively young when compared to other genres & is still finding its own feet. As more people are exposed to the sounds and we see more releases from producers, things can only go in a positive direction. Hopefully in time, nights will be a lot more frequent in our city as well. There’s already a small following here so I think it just needs time to grow!

K: Your current Top 5?

Z: Geeneus vs Wizzbit – Jamnite – Slimzos
Actual Proof – Maybe We’ll Stay (Nubian Mindz Rmx) – Offshore
Wookie – Trooper – Man Chu
Slaughter Mob – Desparate Measures – ?
Toasty Boy – Strange Days – ?







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